Gabor Lieber


M +45 70 20 23 31

Gabor is an experienced European patent attorney with a focus on complex cases that require an in-depth approach.

He has been working as a Patent Examiner at the European Patent Office for 3 years conducting prior art searches, classifications, examination procedures, and communicating with patent agents and inventors in English, German, and French language. His main areas of expertise include civil, marine, hydraulic, environmental, and mechanical engineering, with additional experience in computer science, audio processing, and electronic musical instruments.

Gabor specializes in patent applications in the field of audio, software, Artificial Intelligence (AI), simulation of engineering processes, and mechanical devices.

Prior to becoming a patent professional, Gabor worked for 5 years in different fields of the engineering industry (civil, geotechnical, water, and automotive) both in the public and private sector, in positions ranging from design to on-site project management.

He also co-founded a startup in 2015 specializing in helping journalists augment audio recordings with interactive visual notes. The project got funded by Google through their Digital News Initiative and is currently operated by a team of volunteers from around Europe.


M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2008), majoring in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering with a supplementary field of Environmental Engineering.


English, German, French, Hungarian