Dispute Resolution

There are many routes to a resolution and negotiated settlement of disputes, including third party observations, opposition proceedings, and litigation. Nordic Patent Service offers wide expertise and experience in covering all tactical matters in dispute resolutions.

It has become increasingly popular to file third party observations during examination, e.g. to prompt the patent office to take relevant technical literature into account at an early stage. While you will not have the possibility of becoming a part of the procedure, this tool may be preferred in instances where pertinent prior art for one reason or the other is not cited by the Examiner.

The EPO opposition procedure is an efficient and cost-effective tool for invalidating a granted European patent. In complex matters and for patent rights of high strategic relevance, this tool is usually preferred. Besides presenting the opposition in writing, there will usually also be an opportunity to present the case in oral proceedings.

We offer support in patent litigation and work together with a range of the most skilled attorneys-at-law specialized in the patent field. Since we are officially court-appointed experts, we have a unique insight into patent litigation.