Career at Nordic Patent Service

Nordic Patent Service is one of the most successful firms of patent attorneys in the country. We practice in a wide variety of technical disciplines, including mechanical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and electronic engineering, and work to protect inventions ranging from low-cost consumer gadgets to large industrial machinery. We are entrusted with an international range of clients, including many which are among the leaders in their fields.

Nordic Patent Service prides itself on providing efficient professional work of the highest quality and accordingly recruits staff of the highest caliber. At the same time, we aim to maintain a friendly and enjoyable working environment.

At Nordic Patent Service we strive to spend more time looking at our clients’ world than inwards at ours. That’s what makes our approach different. Being able to see things from our clients’ perspective means our employees are approachable and accessible. And this means we have a genuinely supportive and open culture you won’t find everywhere. Putting our clients first, ensuring we have a deep understanding of their business and providing them with the best possible advice and service is what defines us. And our clients tell us this works to their satisfaction; they like working with us and see us as the human face of patent protection. We think this is because we are passionate about building strong, long-term and personal relationships with our clients based on an in-depth understanding of the environment they operate in and the challenges they face, wherever they are in the world.

Nordic Patent Service is an interesting place to work at and the environment is that of a busy, successful small business. Our staff is welcoming, engaged, supportive and highly productive. Hopefully you would find the work fulfilling and the atmosphere enjoyable. We have a small and flat organization and encourage our employees to take part in the development of our firm. We offer an enthusiastic and informal working environment with skilled and experienced colleagues with a high sense of team spirit.

We welcome applications from high-caliber candidates, who want to contribute to our exceptional team and benefit from their career success.