World Intellectual Property Day – April 26, 2018

Every year on 26 April, the World Intellectual Property day is celebrated to promote the role of intellectual property rights in society and to highlight how it contributes to, and drives innovation and creativity.

This year there is a special focus on the role of women driving change in the world. Women are at the forefront of technology and science, creative space and art, and their achievements create a legacy for young girls today to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Today, more women are taking leadership roles and speak up against injustice, working towards eliminating poverty, boosting global health and improving the environment.

This year’s World Intellectual Property day aims to highlight the importance of intellectual property and how it can support innovative women to allow them to bring their ideas to the market.

We are also proud that we work together with many highly qualified women at Nordic Patent Service, two of whom have scientific and engineering background. We also look forward to working with many more female innovators to help them protect their ideas. If you would like to discuss your idea, please get in touch via