Szonja Fehertavi


T +45 21 48 58 44

Szonja joined Nordic Patent Service in July 2015 as a part-time student assistant and continued to work throughout her M.Sc. studies at the University of Copenhagen. She graduated in December 2017 and has continued to work with us ever since.

Prior to coming to Copenhagen, Szonja graduated from the University of Glasgow, studying Chemistry. During this time, she also published a paper on co-creating curricula in the academic environment.

She is now a trainee patent attorney in our team. She is responsible for novelty searches, preparing patent applications, preparing responses to office actions and freedom-to-operate analyses in a wide range of technological fields. She is currently preparing for the European Qualifying Exam.

Furthermore, Szonja has several years of hands-on experience with patent administration.

Szonja has a background in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry with a specialization in peptides, antimicrobial compounds, drug formulations and organic chemistry. She studied Medicinal Chemistry obtaining a B Sc. Honours and M.Sc. degree in Medicinal Chemistry from two of the world’s top 50 universities.

Szonja is passionate about science and technology and much enjoys combining her technical knowledge with the legal framework of intellectual property rights. She is committed to ensuring the best protection of our clients’ IP assets, with a focus on both their technology and business objectives.


Szonja has a B.Sc. with Honours degree in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Glasgow, UK. She has a 12-overall result from her MSc studies in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

English, Hungarian, German.