Patents are essential for tech startups!

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), an Odense-based Danish tech company was recently sold to the American Teradyne for 1.7 billion DKK. MiR earned 4.2 million profits last year, generating 77 million in sales.

Thomas Visit, the CEO of Mobile Industrial Robots believes that the new owner will be able to boost MiR while benefiting from current Danish customers. Teradyne is a global company with extensive support organisations and a track-record of continuous growth; their previous purchase of Universal Robots (another Odense-based tech company) today employs over 400 people and the headquarters of both companies will remain in Odense.

MiR’s patent protection was instrumental in the deal. Owning patents in this new, but fast-developing field allows companies to exclude others from making or selling their products and significantly raises the value of a company.

To view about MiR’s patent about their robotic cart pulling vehicle, please follow:

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