Szonja Fehertavi


T +45 70 20 23 31

Szonja joined Nordic Patent Service in July 2015 as a part-time trainee patent attorney.

She graduated from the University of Glasgow and is currently undertaking her MSc studies at the University of Copenhagen.

During the summer she assisted the administration staff with the daily running of the office. She is learning patent law and working under the supervision of the partners on various cases to engage with and learn more about the field. She is interested in chemistry, biology, biotechnology with a specific interest in antibacterial compounds. She is motivated to learn both science and law and aims to excel at both.

She is an active student with extensive transferable skills and participates at the Scientific Advisory Board’s work at Copenhagen University as well as working together with the International Office. At Glasgow she was acting as student representative and undergraduate teaching assistant, founded a society and held student jobs while successfully passing her degree.

Her first publication as a co-author is currently in production.

Szonja has a BSc with Honours degree in Chemistry with medicinal chemistry from the University of Glasgow, UK. She is currently undertaking her MSc studies in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

English, Hungarian, German.