Nordic Patent Service attended an EPC core procedures course in Eindhoven

Our patent administrator, Szonja Fehertavi attended a 3-day course on European Patent Convention core procedures. This intensive course, run by Deltapatents is an advanced course going into the small details of formalities procedures. Current, and potential future legislations were also discussed and through case-studies and formalities exam questions, the course provided Szonja with the necessary skills to excel in this field. She also had the chance to network with colleagues from other countries and firms, learning from each other’s practices and mistakes.

Nordic Patent Service is committed to assist our staff in continuous learning and improvement within our business and we always seek opportunities to optimize our workflow and to provide the necessary background for lifelong learning.

If you have any questions about patent procedures, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email at We look forward assisting bringing your ideas to the market.

Szonja Certificate EPC core procedures