Successful cases (nl)

Our clients come to us because we add value for our clients by securing strong and valuable granted patents. When it comes to handling patent opposition and appeal cases our patent attorneys have skills rivaled by few.

Read about some of our successful cases, and see what makes us special…


Nordic Patent Service has in recent years obtained on average 40 granted patents per year in the Far East for our clients, in particular in China, Japan, and Korea.

This significant number of granted patents underlines our leading position as the number one patent agency in Denmark in obtaining patent protection in the Far East.

Our excellent track record is the result of a new approach and a solid local network that has resulted in granted patents faster and more cost efficient when compared to the traditional approaches used by other patent agencies.

Please contact us ( if your organization needs patent protection the Far East so we can tell you more about our approach and how we can help your organization protect its innovations.



Nordic Patent Service (NPS) represents a local client in the energy business that is in negotiation with a US company for a license to exploit a highly promising environmental technology.

The US company claims that the technology to be licensed is protected by patents and trade secrets. Large investments in development and installations will have to be made by the local client to make the project possible. An investment of such a scale requires a thorough investigation, so IP due diligence is performed by Nordic Patent Service to ascertain whether the technology in question is indeed proprietary and protected.

This does turn out to be the case, but more importantly: it is a significant advantage that NPS has an in-house US patent attorney in its employment since this reduces the costs of the due diligence, ensures that the specific US legal aspects are respected, and facilitates the communication with the attorneys of the US company. As a result of these advantages the due diligence is performed successfully and in good time, and the project can be launched early enough to give the local client a first mover advantage.



One of our patent attorneys successfully defended a Danish client in a patent infringement suit on a European patent lodged by a large UK based competitor. In the nineties the client had imported infringing patient lifts from China and the patent infringement lawsuit was also brought against several other companies in the patient lift business.

Through extensive research our patent attorney found novelty destroying prior art dating from the sixties in South Africa in the form of patient lifts produced several decades earlier and our client was able to settle the lawsuit at very favorable terms, whereas the other companies that were also accused of infringing the patent paid a high price.

The experience with the patent infringement suit had a positive effect on our client. The client changed strategy and changed from being an importer of non-innovative products to being an innovator in the field of patient lifts. A new patient lift was developed in the start of the new millennium. Through close cooperation with the client strong IP protection was provided by Nordic Patent Service through a combination of patent applications and design- and trademark registrations.

The new patient lift was a great success in the market and the combination of the successful product and strong IP protection meant that the owners of the company obtained a very good return when they sold their shares to a large US company a few years later.



To us, a product is more than its parts, and patents more than the idea they protect. It’s business first. And a business is nothing without a market for its products.

We think that a good IP-strategy must use the whole toolbox of IP-rights, catering particularly to differences in patent law between the countries to which the products will be exported (and the countries in which they are manufactured).

We therefore help our clients in implementing strong IP-strategies for exploring the new and emerging markets through a strong network of local contacts and partners around the globe. In fact, we manage one of the largest patent portfolios of any danish patent agency in Far East countries such as China, Japan and Korea.

Thus, it was an easy task for us when a client called shortly before he was to board his plane for a sales pitch to China, and said he needed protection in China for the product he was about to launch. His patent application, which until then had only existed as a Danish priority application, was translated and filed with the Chinese Patent Office before his plane landed.