As European Patent Attorney with a background as European patent examiner at the EPO and experienced in-house patent counsel, Gerard knows the world of patents from all perspectives. He brings with him a clear vision of how a patent attorney adds value for his clients: By delivering patents and a strategy behind them that is spot on and topped off with excellent service.

Gerard founded NORDIC PATENT SERVICE on this vision as a full-service patent firm and has built up a highly motivated team around him that aims to add value to our clients.

According to Gerard, patents must define the often complex concept behind a new invention with words only, i.e. with very restrictive means. Thus, a patent attorney must have a crystal-clear understanding of the novelty of the concept and outstanding language skills to define this concept using language only. Mix this with a good business insight into the clients’ commercial needs and a sharp legal mind for best results.

More often than not, clients need patent protection outside our own (European) jurisdiction, and it is just as essential to have equally skilled patent attorneys in those foreign jurisdictions, Gerard says. As managing partner in a globally operating patent agency, Gerard has built up a vast network of excellent associates around the world that is largely based on personal relations with highly skilled individuals.

One of the aspects of patent work Gerard enjoys the most is to obtain patents that support the development from idea to final product and thereby contribute to a business success story.

Gerard has a master of mechanical engineering with the often sought-after specialization in control systems and hydraulics and pneumatics, i.e. the exciting multidisciplinary cross-over field where the skills of electrical, hydraulics and mechanical engineers meet. Today, Gerard is one of the most respected patent attorneys in this business area as well as being an appreciated and inspiring tutor at CEIPI for new generations of patent attorneys.

Gerard counsels domestic and international clients in the areas of developing, maintaining, and enforcing their strategic intellectual property portfolios. He has drafted and prosecuted to grant hundreds of patent applications relating to advanced technological developments such as marine technology, simulation software, combustion engines, packaging, computer networking, medical devices and consumer electronics.

We celebrate Gerard’s birthday with a reception at Nordic Patent Service’s office in Copenhagen, June 11, 2015, 15:00 to 17:00.