Enhanced annuity service – Company42 & Nordic Patent Service

We are excited to announce that we have entered in a partnership with Company42 & 42patents.com in order to provide our clients with improved annuity payment service.

Company42 is a FinTech firm that is helping innovative companies by breaking down cost barriers by equipping them with time-and cost-saving tools. Company 42 has developed a fully automated software that reduces the amount of manual labor and associated costs, related to patent renewals, dramatically. The product, 42patents.com, is the world’s first fully automated patent renewal software.

Company42’s mission is to empower inventors and larger patentees with great tools to easier create meaningful inventions. This mission is fulfilled by novel, intuitive solutions, filled with top-notch algorithms, machine learning, and AI. All for the sake of supporting inventors and patentees.

Just like Nordic Patent Service, Company42 believes in transparency and focusing on what we are good at; in our case it is providing excellent patent advice and for Company42 it is developing an intuitive, advanced software.

Company42 has a strong team of experienced serial entrepreneurs combined with experts who have worked with IP for many years. At 42patents.com everything that can be automated is automated. For a patentee, this has several advantages.

First of all, it is a safe and secure product not characterized by human error. 42patents.com automatically renews patents while the platform keeps track of patent data, updates when the patent holder applies for a new patent and automatically sends notice of changes in legislations from the world’s more than 220+ patent offices.

Secondly, the platform provides a user-friendly, easy to access tool, that can be used not only by experienced IP administrators but by inventors, patent engineers and company managers. Company42 provides all users with an overview over their patent portfolio and the upcoming annuity costs, thereby greatly facilitating the decision-making process.

All in all, 42patents is an initiative platform that takes care of renewals while giving people full overview, transparency and control.

We look forward to revolutionizing annuity payment service together with Company42.