Denmark on top of patent growth charts

The EPO recently published its annual report, which also includes interesting data and statistics on patenting activity in Europe.

Europe is an attractive technology market both for European and international companies. In 2018 the patent applications filed in the EPO grew by 4.6% (from 166594 to 174317 applications filed). Danish companies and SMEs are responsible for 2390 of these applications. This, when looking at the ratio of the number of European patent applications filed with the EPO per million inhabitants, ranks Denmark as third in the world.

The number of filings from Denmark grew by 14.4%, the highest growth of all  European countries.

All top technology fields (including the medical technology and digital communication fields) continued to grow in 2018, with 1 in 5 applications filed by SMEs. Universities and public research organisations filed 9% of the patents while large enterprises top the charts with 71% of the patent applications filed by them.

The top patent applicants include Siemens, Huawei, Samsung and LG as well as United Technologies.

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